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Eye of the Komodo #15

Eye of the Komodo #15

Token IDaa00a6efda6bf7056b00b328f0ad0b3f5942126e45f9e3d74dea8886f0f06164

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27,000 TKL


Eye of the Komodo is a collection of 64 unique NFTs on Tokel blockchain. Each Komodo dragon eye represents one of the 64 servers securing over 30 production blockchains via delayed Proof of Work (dPoW), representing several hundred million dollars in value. See for more info.


1 (NFT)


{"collection_name": "Eye of the Komodo","number_in_collection": 15�

CJvv8PjMFe1KoCmFPEv1zBU29bMn7zEK9u27,000 TKL
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